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1. Comes equipped with an electric winch that plugs into any standard outlet and can safely lift up to 400 lbs.

2. Elevator system is equipped with a keyed on/off switch for added protection

3. Elevator has a 40 foot vertical lift

4. Wood cage is 24" X 24" x 36" solid steel frame. Bottom and sides are made out of expanded metal.

5. Comes with caster wheels for ease of transporting into your home.  Can easily roll through a 30 inch door, into the house, right beside your fireplace.

6. Four foot, solid steel, swinging boom
designed to swing the firewood cage over and set it down on the deck.  Simply unhook the cage and roll it into your home!

7. Will lift firewood as well as other heavy items up to the desired floor
8. Firewood elevator has an automatic shut off switch when it reaches the top

9. Mounting brackets that attach the Firewood Elevator boom to the post will be custom made to fit your home.

10. No special tools are required. Easily
installed in 4 hours 

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